Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


Powerful Heat Source in the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

For starters, the heat source used in the Magic Flight LaunchBox is totally one of a kind. The Magic Flight uses alkaline batteries that gets pressed on the side to activate. These batteries contribute to the portability of the product. The incredibly efficient heating element responsible for powering up the device does so in a quick manner. No plugs, cords, or fuel source is necessary to power the vaporizer. As an herbal vape kit, the Magic Flight gives vaper users an entirely new way to travel with their dry herbs and use them whenever convenient. Inside the box can get as hot as 380°F.


Easy Portability

In order for a vaping product to be labeled the best portable herb vaporizer on the market, it stands to reason that the device must be packable and ready to go on a moment’s notice. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is so small it can fit in your hand and go undetected. Its size also makes it easy to carry with you in the outdoors as well.


High Quality Components in the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

When it comes to vaping, a device is only as good as the quality of its components, and fortunately the Magic Flight LaunchBox is crafted from an amazing lineup of bits and pieces. No plastics or metals are found anywhere in this dry herb vaporizer, so you can forget about inhaling dangerous microscopic elements. Each herbal vape kit is hand-made from the finest wood available for vaporizers. With no metal or plastic to get in its way, the this handheld vape produces a smooth and delightful vaping experience for vapers.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is composed of durable Maple, Cherry or Walnut Hardwood, a Stainless Steel Screen, Copper Plated Steel Rods, an Acrylic Cover, and a Stainless Steel Spring Clip that holds the cover to the box. The screen bonding is solder and lead free. There is also an MFLB Monocle version that adds an artistic flare to the wooden box.

These wooden vaporizers are cut and shaped by hand with the highest quality Select Grade-A lumber in the Magic Flight wood shop by their line of gifted artisans. Soil, wind, sun and seasons all have an impact on the look and character of the wood. Please make note that due to these natural and distinctive qualities, there will be a wide range of hues and variances between each individual Launch Box.

The power source for the Magic Flight Launch Box vape is a single rechargeable AA battery that provides almost instant heat up times and cools down just as quickly. Silent operation, compact case, low odor, and fast heat up times makes portable vaporizing with Magic Flight a pleasure. For more power options consider getting the Magic Flight Power Adapter which allows you to plug into a wall for unlimited power.


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