AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer Overview:

APOLLO AIRVAPE OM MINI VAPORIZER is the smaller version of the AirVape OM. This device is sleek and stealthy that you can vape on-the-go. Moreover, AirVape OM oil vaporizer is compatible with pre-filled cartridges that have a universal 510-threading. This portable vape pen looks like a keychain ornament. Carry the AirVape OM Mini anywhere you like with its compact yet discreet design. The housing is made up of sturdy stainless steel. Its solidity prevents the unit from an early wear-and-tear.

AirVape OM Mini Vaporizer Highlights:

  • Variable voltage
  • 300mAh battery
  • MicroUSB charging
  • Discreet and compact design
  • Compatible with pre-filled cartridges


Engineered for concentrate enthusiasts who want portability without sacrificing quality vapor production, the AirVape OM Mini features three changeable voltages. Simply click the single-button control five times to power the unit on; three rapid clicks will cycle through voltages. The OM Mini can be set to high (4.0v), medium (3.2v), and low (2.4v). Each setting unlocks different levels of flavor, aroma, effects, and cloud size. The OM Mini’s 300mAh battery can be quickly recharged using the included USB drive charger.


Compatible with most 510-threaded, 1 gram liquid concentrate cartridges, the AirVape OM Mini allows you to enjoy a wide array of eliquids and concentrates on-the-go. A stainless steel cover cap conceals and protects your cartridge for secure, stealthy operation. Replacing the cartridge is easy—simply remove the cover cap, unscrew the empty cartridge, and attach a new one. Merging portability, discretion, and universal compatibility, the AirVape OM Mini delivers the vapor you want, whenever you want.


  • 1x AirVape OM Mini Battery
  • 1x USB Drive Charger
  • 1x Cover Cap for Half-Gram Cartridges


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