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Providing the ultimate in portability and streamlined performance, the Auto Draw Battery from Green World offers 280mAh of power and auto draw functionality. Designed to be used with botanical oils and CO2 extractions, this sleek vape battery with its universal 510 threading seamlessly connects with almost all pre-filled cartridges.

For those looking for high-performing vaping while on-the-go, the Auto Draw Battery has a compact, pen-style design slips easily into any pocket, bag, or purse. This buttonless, auto draw 280mAh battery heats quickly and requires just a draw from the tank’s mouthpiece to activate, producing clouds of clean, flavorful vapor in 5 seconds. An LED light on the battery’s tip illuminates during draw, notifying that it’s heating.

Versatile and constructed for daily use, the Auto Draw Oil Vaporizer Kit works with nearly any botanical oil cartridge on the market. Its 510 threading is ideal for those who prefer pre-filled tanks, as well as conoussiers who enjoy homemade oil and e-juice blends. A stylus tip is a convenient touch for smartphone and tablet users.

portable vapes like the Green World Auto Draw Battery have grown in popularity in recent years among health-conscious botanical consumers. Vaporizers safely heat up materials to a lower temperature, producing clouds of clean, respiratory-friendly vapor. By avoiding combustion, vaping eliminates the toxins and other dangerous byproducts associated with smoking. Vaporizers offer a lung- and throat-friendly method for inhaling botanicals.

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About Green World

Aspiring to provide high-quality vaporizers at an efficient cost, Green World Vaporizers presents an effective Auto Draw Battery featuring simple functionality and universal 510 threading to work with tanks of CO2 extractions and botanical oils. Green World Vaporizers are ideal for botanical oil connoisseurs looking for a straightforward yet versatile vaping experience.


The auto draw battery is compatible with all eGo and 510-threaded attachments, ensuring you can vape your favorite eliquids and oil concentrate with no hassle. Simply screw on the oil tank and vape. This 280mAh automatic vape battery boasts a rapid heat-up time, enabling quick hits on-the-fly. The no-button controls offer an easy, seamless user experience that accommodates a busy on-the-go lifestyle. This unit comes with a free USB charger, empowering your vaping sessions with the option to charge up from more locations–your car, house, computer, and more. Conveniently, the automatic vape battery doubles as a stylus for tablets and smartphones.


This unit is exceptionally stealthy, making it a great companion for outdoor use. With a slender, lightweight, and compact build, the automatic vape battery is ideal for vaping about town in a discreet manner. Easy to pocket or conceal in your grip during use, you can carry the auto draw vape battery with you wherever you go. It won’t burden your pocket or blow your cover during use. The buttonless control also adds a layer of stealth, as there is no need to fiddle with the controls. An automatic vape battery is an essential tool for those who want to vape anytime, anywhere in a discreet fashion.


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