Big Bud Automatic Seeds


The heavy-yielding big sister of WSS Skunk Automatic! Big Bud Automatic feminized keeps the auto-flowering ability, short bushy Indica shape and sparkling juicy buds of WSS Skunk Automatic while adding a sweet lemon flavour and clear, happy high to the mix, thanks to her 20% Sativa component.  Big Bud Automatic feminized seeds are easy to grow both indoors and outdoors and plants generally finish around 65-100cm tall, making this cannabis variety an ideal choice for gardeners with low ceilings or fences.


Big Bud Automatic Seeds

$60.00 for 10 seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Big Bud Automatic (Autoflowering) is is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females…

The Big Bud Automatic gets tall and bushy with, like the name implies, huge buds producing a large yield. The smell and taste are sweet and Skunk-like and are well enjoyed by its users. The effect is physical, strong and relaxing. This plant performs better outdoors because it doesn’t handle humid conditions. For the best production, a colder (northern) climate is required.

The Big Bud Automatic is 50% Indica, 20% Sativa and 30% Ruderalis. The indoor yield should be around 200-325 grams per square meter, and its height will be about 60-80 cm. The outdoor yield should be about 140-180 grams per plant, and its height will be around 100-150 cm. The growing period should take about 5-7 weeks as well as the flowering period. Harvest should be planned 8-10 weeks after planting the seeds.

Seed Storage

We recommend storing your seeds in an airtight plastic bag or container in the fridge. The seeds will stay fresh for years when stored this way.

What if my seeds do not germinate?

If your seeds do not germinate for some reason please E-mail us for a *free replacement.
*This only applies to seeds bought from this website.”


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