BOUNDLESS CFX VAPORIZER. The CFX offers True Convection Vaporization, meaning that instead of directly heating the herbs, it blows a steady stream of hot air through them, which releases the active compounds in the plant material, without producing giant clouds of smoke. The CFX allows you to pick any temperature between  100 – 430 F, giving you the power to get extremely precise with your vaping, and achieve the best results based on your own personal preferences.


The CFX has an ENORMOUS herb chamber, and can hold around a whole gram of your favorite herbal materials. Simply grind up your herbs nice and fine, pack them lightly into the chamber, and press the power button five times, and you’re off to the races. This vape couldn’t be easier to use, either. To adjust the temperature you simply press the big up and down arrows on the side of the unit, and it tells you on the giant LED display exactly what temperature the vape is at.



This vape has a Lightning Fast heat up time, and is much faster than most other portables on the marketplace. It can reach vaporization temperatures in as little as 30 seconds and be ready to go, and it also cools down fast as well, unlike some other vapes on the market which will sometimes still have vapor coming out of the mouthpiece and burning up your herbs minutes after you’ve already turned it off. Not with the CFX! This vape has super rapid heat up and cool down times, and we were EXTREMELY impressed to say the least with these new amazing features from Boundless.


The price point on this vape is extremely competitive, and really there is no other portable convection herb vape that offers this many features with this reasonable of a price tag. I would say that Boundless has succeeded here in creating a highly successful, highly affordable portable vaporization device that is compatible with herbs as well as concentrates. If you are in the market for a high quality, durable, portable vaporizer that won’t break the bank then this is definitely the device for you.

The CFX is the larger one with the big LCD display on the front, and on this screen they show you three things: 1) the current temp as well as a cool temperature scale (looks like a speedometer), 2) a small battery life indicator, and 3) an auto shut-off timer that counts up from 0 to 300 seconds (it shuts off after 5 minutes).

The CF would be the pocket-sized model and this is the one I recommend more if you actually want a portable vape to carry around with you on-the-go. I consider the CFX to be more of a cordless home vape, but it’s still pretty small and easy to transport if you travel a lot.

What I like best about these is how quickly you get good vapor from them and how easy they are to use. If you’re a beginner these vapes are a no-brainer, but even if you’re an experienced vaper I still think you’ll be impressed.


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