Diesel Haze Auto seed


  • Average height gainDiesel Haze Automatic (Autoflowering) will have average height gain during flowering.
  • Flowering 65 – 90 daysDiesel Haze Automatic (Autoflowering) will have a relatively long flowering time.
  • Yield Medium YieldDiesel Haze Automatic (Autoflowering) will produce a decent amount of bud
  • 60% Sativa / 40% Indica The Diesel Haze Automatic (Autoflowering) is a Sativa / Indica Hybrid.

Diesel Haze Auto

Most of the work generated for the cultivation of predominantly Sativa varieties of this calibre is drastically reduced; Plus the trouble of worrying about removing male plants or taking into account the cycles of exposure to light. Nothing could be easier than harvesting delicate, elongated, shining heads of trichomes, so characteristic of the Sativa!

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White Diesel Haze Automatic is a 70% Sativa created by crossing NYC Diesel and Haze, but it only needs 50-65 days of flowering to develop its long, dense clusters of flowers full of bright white resin glands. The heads can be covered with a layer of crystals so thick that it looks like they have passed through a blizzard, hence the White in their name.

It is ideal for Sativa lovers with smaller growing rooms because plants do not stretch too much during flowering. The grass, with its perfume of rhubarb, grapefruit and lemon, will make you salivate, and its intensely cerebral effect will make you want to take again. Anyone who likes the Sativas may well find in this variety their favourite news.


Diesel Haze Auto seed

$28.00 for 10 seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Diesel Haze Automatic (Autoflowering) is is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females… buy solpadol uk

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Dominant Origins:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Parents of Sour Diesel Haze:

Auto Haze X NYC Diesel

Medicinal Application:

This strain is perfect for treating stress, inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain. It is a Happy talkative high, leaving users feeling euphoric, relaxed and uplifted.


Fruity Diesel, Earthy


Diesel, Earthy, Pungent


Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Paranoia, Anxiety

CBD Range:


THC Range:


Physical Characteristics:

Stunning plant with beautiful multi-colored bud structure. Medium green with orange and yellow-tinted leaves (Diesel Colour). There are beautiful purple hues and hair all over the plant and the entire thing is absolutely coated in mouth-watering trichomes. Stunning Plant Specimen! buy dihydrocodeine


40-60 Grams per plant


9-10 Weeks



40-60 Grams per plant


9-10 Weeks

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