LA Confidential Weed


LA Confidential Seemingly surrounded by nothing but hybrids lately, I set out to find something pure, something new, yet old. I wanted—no, needed something strong. I was in need of a pure indica experience. Taking a trip down to my local pot shop and telling the budtender all of my aspirations. She quickly suggested a strain. I had seen around, but never tried (must be the LA thing…). LA Confidential.

LA Confidential is bred from two pure, unadulterated, Afghani indica strains. OG LA Affie (aka “Afghan Bombay Kush”) and Afghani. Both strains are purebred, which makes for a very tasty and heavy pure indica offspring and experience. The strain burst onto the cannabis scene in the early 2000s and quickly gained a reputation as well as awards. Interestingly enough, the. LA Confidential strain is one of the few strains in which the genetic makeup greatly assists in reducing symptoms of autism. Allowing patients to lead their lives in a more harmonious manner than they were previous to using. LA Confidential. The strain is also renown for exceptional potency, pain relief, and insomnia-relieving qualities.

Looks and Smell

This particular batch of LA Confidential was a very lush neon green that looks. Almost like a sea-foam green at the base. But changed to pure white in spots due to extreme amounts of trichrome production. From the giant calyxes to the thick high leaf count. And all the way to the stems possess the same lush neon/seafoam/crystal white colour. With a few bright red pistils here and there. The nugs are usually smaller in size—about the size of popcorn—rock hard, but there is a natural sponge-like give to the nugs as well.

The smell of LA Confidential is brief but heavenly. The first impression presents a sweet aroma laden with warm, woody spices. When broken up, a delightful burst of fruity diesel and dank earthiness is released into the air.

The Smoke

Many smokers who enjoy a heavy hit akin to hash or some other concentrate will enjoy. LA Confidential. Upon inhale, there was a sweet, hash-like, earthy taste along with a cloud of very thick smoke that expands once it hits the lungs. On the exhale, the taste is much fuller—deep, smoky. Candy hash with a slight caramelize coffee flavour and a very faint tinge of lemongrass that you will find lingering. On the palate for quite some time.

The effects of LA Confidential are different than most 100% indicas. Users that stay rooted in one position will often experience waves of relaxing and calming euphoria washing all over them, and it will occasionally bring on other cerebral effects as well. Despite being a pure indica strain, the cerebral effects can be bordering on the edge of psychedelic, or very thought-provoking at least, all the while lifting the mood as well. This is no creeper—the high kicks in quick and tends to come on strong. The indica properties are very noticeable and you can feel the effects all over your body within minutes. It relaxes the muscles and entire body almost immediately, leaving you feeling relaxed, calm, and a bit groggy (even for a vet such as myself). If you like indicas, this strain will deliver.


Remarkably easy to grow, the LA Confidential strain is an excellent choice for first-time growers or the hobbyist, with its considerable resistance to most pests, mildews, and moulds. Short indoor adapted plants balance their less than average yields with delicious, long-lasting (2-3 hour high), rock-hard indica nugs that are 100% purebred (though they actually do quite well outdoors and are ready end of September/early October, way ahead of many other OD strains).

As with most indicas, unless you’re an experienced smoker, this strain is mostly recommended for nighttime use. Furthermore, this strain is highly recommended to battle insomnia, and the strong indica effects make it a good choice for easing chronic aches and pains as well. Users often go to this strain to help them deal with stress or anxiety, and it is also recommended to induce appetite or even calm nausea.


LA Confidential Weed

highly recommended to battle insomnia, and the strong indica effects make it a good choice for easing chronic aches and pains as well. Users often go to this strain to help them deal with stress or anxiety, and it is also recommended to induce appetite or even calm nausea.

What is LA Confidential?

Considered by some to be an indica, while others call it a hybrid, LA Confidential possesses a 90% indica, 10% Sativa genetic makeup. Its effects certainly seem to weigh heavily towards indica, because this weed is notorious for placing its consumers into either deep relaxation mode or simply put them straight to sleep. This marijuana type is certainly effective, for it does not lack in THC content, which stands at around 18-25% on average in conducted lab tests.

LA Confidential Weed

LA Confidential is a unique fragrant hybrid that hails from the legendary South California labs. This hybrid is famed for its potent THC levels, its distinct pine scent and it’s fully present Kush genetics, making it an industry fave among amateurs and veterans alike.
L.A. Confidential is the child of DNA Genetics Seeds and is a cross of O.G. LA Affie and a pure landrace Afghani Indica. It can be grown by nearly anyone, anywhere: indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Resistant to mildew, this strain can be forced to flower at three to four feet if the top is clipped early on. Finishing flowering after seven to eight weeks, plants can produce between 300 and 500 grams per square meter.


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