Portable Yet Larger Than Most Options

MIGHTY VAPORIZER isn’t a desktop vaporizer, but it is one of the largest portable models on the market today. This model has a height of 5.5 inches with a length of 3.2 inches. In terms of depth, this model has a 1.2 inch depth. The weight is just 0.5 pounds (230 grams), so it isn’t heavy by any means.

Compared to the Crafty and Firefly, the Crafty weighs about 135 grams. The Firefly is a bit heavier at 240 grams, but the Firefly is stainless steel.

Concealment isn’t a strong point for the Mighty Vaporizer, but it isn’t meant to be a vape pen.

This model is perfectly portable and I have personally brought it to a friend’s house or out hiking without an issue. While it may not fit comfortably in your pocket, it will fit perfectly in a backpack or a larger purse.

Larger means a better vape experience and longer battery life.

Chamber Size and Packing

How much herb can you fit in the Mighty? About .2 grams. It truly depends on the grind of the herb also. If you have a grind that is super fine, you may be able to pack .3 grams of herb into the chamber without an issue.

A whole bowl can be vaped in just 4 – 6 hits.


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