Color-Coded Battery Level

YOCAN HIVE VAPORIZER With Yocan Hive, it will be very easy for you to know when it’s time recharge with its color-coded battery status listed below.

  • White – 20%-100%
  • Blue – 5%-20%
  • Red – <5%.

Powerful Box Mod Battery 

The Yocan Hive Vaporizer is a powerful contender in the extract and concentrates consumption category. The Yocan Hive Vaporizer is powered by a robust 620mAh battery sized at 13450. It sports an actual output of 12 watts and 4.2 volts.  

The battery also sports a compact size with a durable and a sturdy build. It can easily withstand daily use and carrying activity and makes for a practical option for people who are always on the move. It also features a simple and minimalistic design making the Yocan Hive Vaporizer a seemingly inconspicuous device that can easily be mistaken as a lighter and not a vaporizer. The structure of the battery allows you to sneak in places where you would otherwise not be permitted or granted access for taking or carrying a vaporizer. The Yocan Hive is best for medicating patients who require their sessions to be stealthy and discreet. The battery and the atomizers, although powerful, make for thin wisps of vapors making you extremely covert while taking in tasty and potent hits. The tank and the atomizer are protected and is hidden inside the battery for added strength and stealth. 


Charge the Yocan Hive via the provided USB charger. Three colors (white, blue, and red) will keep you in the know regarding your battery level. The Hive battery has a 13450 capacity with 12W and 4.2V power, enough power to deliver big hits throughout your busy day.


Keep your Yocan Hive clean to ensure optimum operation. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean any stubborn areas of buildup or residue. Replace the atomizers periodically; atomizers have a lifespan of roughly 6-8 weeks, depending on use.

About Yocan

One of the market’s leading innovative vaporizer manufacturers, Yocan focuses on botanical herb and concentrate vaporizers that feature sleek designs, solid build quality, and exceptional vapor production. Top-level craftsmanship and quality-controlled standards ensured by ISO9001 inspections has helped Yocan’s vaporizers become a top choice in the vaping industry.


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